Extra Aged Beemster

Product Details: 217993 12/2.6 oz


A Very Tasteful Wedding


Cheese and fruit make a perfect pair.  Valley Produce Company specializes in cheese condiments and when their award-winning Fruit Pyramids meet cheese, it’s a love connection.

Each 2.6 oz pyramid contains over one pound of reduced fruit and has a 15 month shelf-life.  Valley Produce Company Fruit Pyramids require no refrigeration, even after opening, and will last as long as their date code in ambient temperatures. There are no added colors or flavors and all pyramids are wheat and gluten-free.  A soft but firm texture makes Valley Produce Company Fruit Pyramids easy to spread and enjoy.

There are three extraordinary Fruit Pyramid flavors: 

#217993 Fig & Almond, made with black mission figs, caramelized, then cooked down slowly for rich sweetness and freshly roasted, crushed almonds added to create a wonderful texture.

#217847 Pear & Hazelnut, made with fresh, local pears, peeled, cored, pureed and slow cooked to excellence in small batches with freshly roasted, chopped hazelnuts added for body and flavor.

#217849 Apricot & Pistachio, made with three ripened apricots, pureed and cooked down in small batches, with crushed pistachio kernels added to give color and texture.

All pyramids are ideal for blue, brie and cheddar, with each individual flavor also leaning toward their own preferred cheese unions. 


Beemster Extra Aged by Beemster

Product Details: #013075 1/24 lb

Xtra Aged = Xtra Good(a)

In a spectacular North Sea bog-draining engineering feat 400 years ago, the Beemster Polder was the first large-scale land reclamation project in the Netherlands. Sitting 20 feet below sea level, the pasturelands on this 200 square mile area in North Holland are famous for having a unique nutrient and mineral enriched soil that produces incredibly fertile, lush grass. As a result, the milk from happy Beemster cows that graze freely on the polder has a distinctively buttery texture and especially sweet flavor.
In 1901 a polder farm cooperative was formed and all-natural, gouda-style Beemster cheeses, made from secret, traditional Dutch recipes- and solely from the co-op’s milk- were created to immediate success. Today the Beemster Polder is a UNESCO World Heritage site and Beemster cheeses have won top honors in competitions around the world for their exceptionally smooth and divinely creamy taste and texture.
Extra Aged Beemster is matured in a strictly regulated, temperature and humidity controlled, 26-month (minimum) process. The extra aging, coupled with using such high-quality, select milk and employing supreme cheese-making techniques handed down from generation to generation, produces complete gratification. Hard and brittle in texture, the deep pumpkin colored paste, flecked with tiny, white protein crystals and a few very small “eyes,” is somehow still delightfully, mouth-coating creamy. The cheese’s amazing depth of concentrated almond-nutty and grassy flavors is elevated even further by the butterscotch and mellow-malty notes that are also echoed in the cheese’s welcoming aroma.
Beemster cheese-makers have mastered a complex equation for creating Extra Aged Beemster, but thankfully enjoying it is quite simple.
Application: Great with a wide variety of fresh fruit, notably apples and apricots, and a range of breads, Extra Aged Beemster also goes well with almonds, olives, dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Grate it on anything calling for grated cheese, shave it on salads, soups and chicken dishes, or make awesome grilled sandwiches.
Pairing: A dry white wine works especially well; try an un-oaked California Chardonnay or a White Burgundy. For a red preference, a Merlot or a vintage port make fine combinations. Complex hand crafted Ales are a can’t miss pairing.