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Monkishly Modern

St. Paulin originated as a Trappist cheese, exclusively made by French monks. Known for its smooth, mild taste and melt-in-your-mouth serenity, St. Paulin’s production domain expanded with its ever-increasing popularity. Today St. Paulin is produced throughout northern France, with only a few producers truly elevating tradition.

During the maturation period each wheel is gently and continually washed, turned and brushed until a natural yellow-orange rind forms over the supple, creamy interior. Buttery sweet and slightly salty on the palate, St. Paulin also invites with its pleasant, delicate aroma.

Application: Ideal served at room temperature on a cheese tray, St. Paulin is also great with crusty bread at breakfast to open the day, or to close things as an after dinner gratification. St. Paulin also adds subtle savoriness to cold or grilled sandwiches.

Pairing: A mild, creamy cheese like St. Paulin pairs best with light, fruity wines. For red wines, try a Beaujolais or a lighter style Pinot Noir. For a white wine, a German Riesling makes a great match.

Burgundy Wine Mustard by Edmond Fallot

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Perfect Pairing

Appreciated since antiquity for its aroma and vigorous taste, fine mustard reached new quality standards with the introduction of official laws governing production in 1634 in Dijon, France. The firm of Edmond Fallot (still family owned and operated by Edmond Fallot\'s great grandson) continues the uncompromising production of Dijon mustard by stone grinding the seeds, artfully blending them with the highest quality ingredients and following Fallot\'s own family recipes. These methods result in an intense robust taste not available in commercially produced \"Dijon style\" mustards.

The best of the best! Fallot worked with the government of France to produce the only IGP Dijon mustard in existence. This mustard combined AOC Burgundy wine with Burgundy grown dijon mustard seed for a rich, smooth flavor with the perfect amount of bite. Excellent on sandwiches, charcuterie and cheeses.